Alcohol and Drug Rehab Kent

How does alcohol and drug rehab work and how to get help in Kent?

Have you been living with an alcohol or drugs addiction and decided to get help?  You have taken a momentous step forward. The next phase is to choose the right rehab treatment, to aid in your goal of defeating addiction.

It can begin with an effective alcohol or drug rehab treatment, which can either be community centred or based in a residential rehab centre in Hampshire, under the registration of the CQC (Care Quality Commission)

What’s like getting advice on Alcohol and Drugs rehab at our rehab centre in Kent?

  • You will get 24/7 advice and support from professionals
  • Big network of clinics across the UK that can offer you special treatments.

The benefits of alcohol and drug rehab Centre.

At our rehab centre in Kent, we offer numerous benefits to any individual that is experiencing any problems with alcohol or any other addiction.

  • 24/7 professional care during the entire alcohol detox process.
  • Access to bespoke alcohol recovery programmes in different clinics located in uk areas like: Essex, Hampshire, Dorset or Kent. (link to the other location pages)
  • Cared for by a team of addiction treatment professionals, including a consultant, psychiatrist, doctor, counsellor, support workers, therapists and volunteers.
  • A free phone service open to everyone and attended by one of our tema professionals
  • You will get better and look much better after getting support from us.
  • We will provide you with any tools to recover that you need in order to keep you sober for life

What Happens During Drug and Alcohol Rehab?

A residential rehab treatment programme equips individuals with tools to give them a change of long-term recovery, to live their lives without the need for alcohol or any other substances.

You will go through an admission process, a doctor will assess you and prescribe you medication to reduce the alcohol withdrawal symptoms.

Then a doctor will check your physical condition, and you will go through the alcohol detox process, always being monitored by a doctor.

You will also be allocated a key worker who will know your background and who will develop an alcohol recovery plan for you.

Any rehab programme should include family therapy, individual therapy, and group therapy. Medical staff should be available 24-hours a day to guide individuals through the detox stage, and help with any concerns they might have regarding detox medication and psychotherapy.

Residential programmes should give free aftercare as part of all good programmes, and should agree to regular sessions to aid long-term recovery.

All rehab facilities in the UK must be registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC).  You can check more information on their website here.



How much does Rehab Cost in Kent?

It is difficult to pinpoint the exact cost of drug rehab. Why? Because there are hundreds of centres offering a wide variety of rehab programmes. As a general rule, residential rehab offering basic accommodations can start at a few hundred pounds per week. Rehab at a luxury facility could cost upwards of £4000 per week. A weekly cost of about £1,000 is average for residential rehab centres.

If you are looking at outpatient rehab instead, the costs are considerably lower. In an outpatient setting, you are not paying to be housed, fed, and monitored 24/7 by medical professionals. It is also possible to do outpatient rehab through the NHS, meaning it costs nothing.

If you are concerned about you or someone close to you that suffers from an alcohol problem, you should get in touch with our Free telephone advice service Alcohol and Drug detox Rehab in Kent, here, or call at 0800 009 6920.

Alcohol or Drug Rehab Therapy after Detox: how the treatment works.

If receiving treatment as an inpatient, you can move ahead with rehab , where one of its defining characteristics is to undergo a medical detox. This is commonly recognised as the opening phase of a long-term rehabilitation programme, taking place at a residential clinic.

Alcohol and drug rehab centres on the complete person as an individual, encompassing the physical as well as emotional, psychological and spiritual sides of your personality. Initially, rehab may focus on treating the body, where toxins such as alcohol are cleansed from the system through detoxification. This is before exploring the mental aspect of addiction, which through counselling and other therapy techniques, could get to the root of the problem.

If you are struggling with dependency, you can profit from a wide range of evidence-based treatments, overseen by highly skilled doctors, nurses, counsellors and holistic therapists. If arranging to be treated in a registered residential centre at Detox Rehab uk clinic Dorset, you will be cared for day and night, throughout your medical detox.

You will be treated, as well as recuperate, in a private, secure setting, perfectly conducive to recovery. Be assured, following detoxification, you can discuss your addiction issues with a qualified psychiatric specialist. Allowing you to examine any possible triggers which may lead you to drink, from underlying problems in the past to any pressing concerns.

You can attend one to one or group therapy sessions in Sussex or turn to 12-step support groups, to explore the psychological side of dependency.

It is also becoming commonplace to use contemporary techniques like behavioural treatment, and holistic methods like mindfulness and meditation, alongside other therapies, when dealing with dependency.

Our Alcohol and Drug Rehab centre in Kent , be it community or residential based, can be a diverse, multi-faceted process, covering many different areas, from detoxification to counselling and beyond, which could prove instrumental in overcoming addiction.

Contact us today to get free help and advice or Call 0800 009 6920


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