Alcohol Detox Treatment

Does alcohol detox treatment work?

If you, or someone you know have developed a drinking problem and wish to get clean you may be familiar with the term Alcohol Detox and wonder how the process may work for you.

It is widely considered the safest, most reliable method of giving up alcohol, which can be performed at home, or a residential rehab clinic. There are various types of alcohol detox, which can take on different forms.

Alcohol home detox: what happens if you stop drinking alcohol and detox at home?


Alcohol detox is a medical procedure where a person in recovery will stop drinking, allowing alcohol to be washed from their system. There are many instances of people undergoing alcohol detoxes at home, on their own. However, it is generally recommended you proceed under medical supervision, overseen by qualified medical professionals, who can keep a close eye on you, whilst helping you deal with the inevitable side effects.


If you cease consuming alcohol after using for a long period of time, it can be quite a shock to the system. You should also be aware, if you decide to stop all at once, and go ‘cold turkey’ proceeding with non-medical alcohol detox can be very risky. You may exhibit the symptoms of withdrawal, which can be difficult or painful and, in some cases, may be hazardous to your health, or even life-threatening.

Why you should receive alcohol detox treatment at rehab centre?

This is partly why it is not advised you attempt an alcohol detox by yourself and receive treatment instead at a residential rehab centre. A place where you will be closely supervised by staff during the detox phase as you become accustomed to living substance-free.

It can be something of a physical upheaval, but medical professionals will be on hand day and night. It is strongly advised to have a specialist team on hand who can prescribe the proper medication to manage and decrease your withdrawal symptoms and help you through alcohol detox. We can help at Detox rehab clinic, contact us here to get your free addiction assessment.

How long does it take to detox from alcohol?

How long it lasts may depend on various elements, from your personal health to how long you have been drinking, and the type of alcohol consumed, amongst other considerations. Where, in the course of your detox, you can purge all traces of alcohol from your body, leaving you ready to begin your rehabilitation programme. This can be the first phase of your ongoing rehab recovery treatment, setting you on path to conquering your addiction.

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